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XUSB is a Digital Currency of the New Era


White Paper

You can download the White Paper from the following link;

About XUSB

USD pegged stablecoin




Basic information

Platform                           Ethreum

Standard                          ERC20

Total Supply               1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply      300,000,000

Unit Price                         1.00 USD

Market Cap                 300,000,000 USD

Assets Backed
by AA rated Insurance

All XUSBs are 100% backed.

All assets possessed by the issuer company are covered by “A” or “AA” rated Insurance. Therefore, the return from the investments is guaranteed for several years.


A reasonable amount of XUSBs is issued depending on those assets’ valuation. The market cap of XUSB won’t exceed the total valuation of their support.


XUSB grows rapidly

We shall be a leading company of stablecoin

We aim to be a 10B stable coin issuing firm within 3years and get a No.1 share of the market. At that time, the corporate value will come close to GAFA.

Market Share

In the near future, XUSB will be the second largest stablecoin in the world. Furthermore, we are tackling on gainin enough liquidity.



XUSB is available on variety of crypto exchanges and can approximately be used as the same value as USD.

Today, the market cap of stablecoin is around 5B.  After the issuing of 1B of XUSB, its share in the market would become about 18%.  Furthermore, after 10B of XUSB will be published, its share would rise up to 69%.


Listing of XUSB is easy for it conforms the ERC-20 standard.

XUSB is available on variety of crypto exchanges and can approximately be used as the same value as USD.

​US or Japan residents are prohibited to use our exchange service.




All the ERC-20 compatible wallets can accept XUSB.



Please beware of spoof accounts of XUSB on Social media such as Telegram and Twitter.

We've heard that there are such spoof accounts pretending to be the XUSB administration and request you to send your personal information. They don't have anything to do with the XUSB project, and they deceive people as if they have many XUSB and can do airdrops.

We have opened the official account of XUSB on Twitter. Its account name is @OfficialXusb.
We don't have any other accounts on Twitter. Please aware of the impersonators.

Be careful with suspicious social media accounts. We will not do airdrops on Twitter.
If you find such accounts or emails, do not click the links and please let us know immediately. Thank you for your support.

​Contact us

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch




XUSB Inc.  

Artemis House, Fort Street, PO Box 2775, Grand Cayman KY1-  1111, Cayman Islands

Legal Opinion

A Japanese lawyer,  officially shows an opinion that the stablecoin, XUSB, isn’t classified as securities. 

Listed exchange

It will be listed on various exchanges. Coming soon.


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